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Re: Back Squat (going low enuf? lower back rounding?...)


It looks to me like your intent is to be doing something closer to a low-bar / powerlifting squat, as opposed to a high-bar / olympic squat in which case I would respectfully disagree with those above who recommend going as deep as possible as fast as possible. Such technique is used by those performing a high-bar / olympic squat to great effect, but when performing a low-bar / powerlifting squat, the technique is rather to draw yourself down into the hole with your hip flexors, loading your hamstrings and glutes as you do so.

That said, even for a low-bar / powerlifting squat, you are stopping short of parallel, which it looks like you could comfortably get to. Also, if you watch the video over, you might notice that you initially raise your hips faster than your chest, which might be why someone noted that it looks like you are basically doing a good morning. Lift your chest at the same rate as your hips, and you will drive with your hamstrings and glutes throughout the range of the movement.

In any case, take what I say with a grain of salt. I was raised in the Mark Rippetoe / Starting Strength school of training, and as such am much more comfortable with a low-bar / powerlifting squat, or at least one that is much closer to that than to a high-bar / olympic squat, although I appreciate the advantages of the latter. Either way, advice that applies to the technique of one doesn't necessarily apply to the other.
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