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Re: Working at Globo gym, want to start "Functional Fitness" class

Originally Posted by Edward Seill Chung View Post
I'm working at a Globo Gym as a personal trainer (I'm ACE certified but attending a CF level 1 cert in May) and I want to start "Functional Fitness Class".
I talked to the group fitness coordinator about what I want to do.
She said she was okay with it and she wants me to write a proposal to her superiors giving a description of the workout, the warm up, what type of equipment will be used, etc...
I am wondering what to say in my proposal letter to the Globo managers above so they won't get the crap scared out of them.
I am guessing I can't even mention the word, "Cr*ssf*t" and that safety would have to be emphasized.
Anybody have some suggestions as to the verbiage of the proposal letter?
Thank you
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