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Re: How much is too much? (and recovery questions)

Quality before quantity. I limit my members to 5 days a week. If they try to show up for a 6th day I send them home.

My experience is the best way to go 5 days a week is 3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off (or the other way around if that works better). This will allow you to do 5 high quality workouts each week because you are sufficiently recovered.

I know at 43 y.o., depending on the programing for the week, I'm not always recovered to do 5 workouts in a week and have to drop to 4 sometimes. Learning to listen to your body is key.

Serious injury or premature waring out of body parts is complete failure to achieve fitness.

Careful with those shoulders, once damaged they almost never work as well again. If you have good shoulders at 47 keeping them that way should be a very high priority.
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