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Jump Rope Help

I hate my new jump rope!

I used to have a Buddy Lee, then I had one that was black with a plastic coated steel cable, now I have the Rogue version. I hate this Rogue rope. It's the only thing I've ever had from Rogue that I haven't liked. It's not that it is bad quality, I just don't like it. With the Buddy Lee or the other one I had, I could do 50+ doubleunders with no trouble. With the Rogue rope I'm lucky to get 10. Sometimes I can get in a groove and get 30 or so but not often. I am usually just angry when I try to do DU's now. I've adjusted the length and given it a couple of months but I still hate it.

I can't for the life of me remember where I got the last rope that I loved so much. It was black, it had a steel cable coated in plastic, it was kind of heavy, it had some clear plastic where the rope hit the ground, it had ball bearings in the handle where it connected. It fell apart after about two years of daily use but while it worked it was awesome. I remember that there were two sizes available, and I bought the short one but then got the longer one and it was perfect for me. Does anybody know the rope I'm describing? I REALLY need to find another one.
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