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Getting back to Sports after shoulder surgery?

Hi new person here have a couple of questions if you don't mind

I hope this is the correct forum to post

this may be a lengthy post so please bear with me
Background info:

I was in rock climbing and as part of training we had to do typewriter pull ups. Well it worked but in September 2010, there was a freak injury (sorta) and I injured myself (tearing sensation in arm).

Basically I didn't know it was an injury and carried on with activities as per usual i.e. Pull ups (normal not typewriter), push ups (without any problems).

Anyway in January 2011, when I was rock climbing I found that my overhead grip was severely weak and after consulting a doctor and going for some MRI, I was diagnosed with a torn labrum and my specialist said it was a bankart tear (though I didn't dislocate my shoulder).

So in February 2011, I had a bankart repair on the torn labrum (arthroscopic surgery) and am now undergoing physiotherapy (strengthening my arm, range of motion is completed)

[the physiotherapist mentioned that I can be discharged in the next visit or the one after that since my strength is very strong]

But basically, in the country where I'm in, there's something like conscription, where all able bodied males have to serve the army. Anyway, my specialist advised that I should not do pull ups in National Service (this would limit the vocations that I can enter though) but it's not that I'm trying to go against his advice but I could do pull ups as per normal before my surgery (when I didn't know it was a torn labrum)

My guess is because he thought that I tore it because of pull ups but in fact I tore it due to typewriter pull ups (usual pull ups I could do it). Of course now that I'm injured I can't (but just yesterday I tried it at a pull up bar and managed to do one though I was shaking a little - nervous about putting weight on the injured shoulder)

So just wanna ask, do you guys think it's possible for me to resume doing pull ups? I just can't seem not doing pull ups for life (or for army for that matter).

Oh about 7 weeks ago I had a physiotherapy session and after explaining all that to the PT, he said that I should be able to go back to Sports and can do pull ups as usual though he wasn't very clear on that.

In addition, the army doctor has given the all-clear too but he was understanding and said if I was afraid of the incident again, or unable to do it that he can excuse me from it.

Thanks for reading the lengthy post and sorry for any mistakes in my post. English is not my native language
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