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Re: any free workouts?

Vladimir, the numbers are goals to reach. There are other exercises which ask you to go to max reps. That one is a toughie, and it's all in the brain, but with the 5, 10, 15 numbers you have to force yourself to get to them. In this case you have to move from exercise to exercise with no rest. You'll see by round 3 that it isn't as easy as it appears to be on paper. That is one of the reasons CF is so bada$$ :P

Regarding your doc, one thing I've learned through experience (unfortunately for me) is that they may know a thing or two about medicine, but generally have no clue whatsoever on how to rehabilitate you. I, for example, got recommended by my surgeon to do leg extensions to help recover my bad knee after surgery. I did that for a year and a bit. But what has truly helped it get stronger has been squats. Doctors might have a general idea on what you should do, but they rarely hit the mark because their recommendations are for a general type of public and not specific. It's always good to take their exercise advise with a bit of skepticism and a pinch of salt.

I'm sorry to hear you're buying so much stuff. CF really is the only thing you need. You'll see that in time.

Good luck with today's workout!

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