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Re: August: 'tabata everything' challange

Originally Posted by Stephen R. Lampl View Post
090805 Wednesday. REST DAY for me, but did the "Challenge."

Tabata Shoulder Presses @ 45#
20 seconds "on" / 10 seconds "off" for a sum of eight (8) cycles over 4:00 total.
TOTALS: 15/15/13/9/9/7/7/6 = 81
I initially thought, never having done this before, that 45# might be too light. WRONG.......ended up frying my shoulders starting with the fourth cycle; reps in cycles 5 - 8 were broken.

that's interesting that you did the press cuz i was thinking of doing the same thing (actually push press). i was also wondering about what weight to use. i was thinking of using #95. my 3rm is #245 so i think #45 might be too light? i would hate to burn out in the later rounds and not get the full effect of tabata. today was a travel day for me so tomorrow i am going to knock this out at the gym.
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