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Re: August: 'tabata everything' challange

8/4/2009 1300pst

Tabata Rows:

-Avg. Watts / Distance
1.) 390.2 / 104m
2.) 388.9 / 104m
3.) 366.1 / 102m
4.) 372.3 / 102m
5.) 324.6 / 98m
6.) 342.0 / 99m
7.) 354.0 / 100m
8.) 358.8 / 101m

I usually just look at distance and try to get over 100m for each work set, but I recently read an interesting critique by Lyle MacDonald WORK & FAMILY SAFE about the Tabata Experiment and how high the intensity meter setting was for the test subjects, (510 watts was their 170% V02 max set point), so I set the PM2 to display the avg. watts during the workout to see how close to that level I am able to row. As miserably low as the wattage is here, I will see what peaks I can attain in the last Tabata of this challenge.

You really have to bust one to reach the level of work done by the Tabata group.

PS - The reason for the bottoming of the performance in the middle rounds and the subsequent rise in the numbers in the later rounds is the difference between a rolling start, (rolling very slowly during the rest as in later rounds), and a dead start (rounds 5 & 6). I will use a slow rolling rest for the next Tabata Row that I do.
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