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Re: Deadlift Form..

Originally Posted by Jose M. Perez View Post
First, make sure to let the bar come to a complete rest after each repetition. Second, on your first rep you started with your shoulders just forward of the bar, but, on the other reps, you drifted back. Before you start a rep, make sure that you are positioned properly. Third, you need to put more weight on the bar. 45# looks too easy and it may be throwing off your form. Fourth, you are starting each rep with the bar in a different location. Start with the bar about one to two inches in front of the shins. When you squat down to grab the bar, your shins should be just touching the bar. Finally, the video is a bit grainy, so I can't be sure, but it looks like you are not maintaining the lumbar curve when you squat down to grab the bar. Have someone watch to see if is actually happening.
Hey Jose, thank you for the critique. I will definitely make sure I am in the same position every time. I will have my husband check my lumbar curve. We are also adding weight tonight. I also noticed that the weight impacts my lifting in all exercises. I doubled the weight on my KB's because it was way to light to get the proper form down..
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