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Re: Any point in doing CF only 3 times a week, as part of a "fight fitness" regimen?

The answer I'm sure you'll hear again and again is it "depends". Depends on your current fitness level, your diet, sleeping patterns,goals ect, ect.

If i were you I might do something like this:

Mon:crossfit am/bjj pm
tues:crossfit am/mt pm
wend: rest
thurs:crossfit am/ bjj pm
Friday:crossfit am/mt pm
sat: bjj or mt or both
sun: rest

Obviously the above schedule depends on when your gym offers classes but you could switch the thursday to Wednesday or what ever.
Play around see what works. If your burning out I would scale back the crossfit classes (if your focus is fighting) or cut back on the martial arts classes (if your goal is crossfit).

I used to do a schedule very similar to the one above and it worked well for me. Play around try lots of stuff and rest, rest, rest cause you'll need it with that kind of work load.
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