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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Calves felt better tonight. Still a bit tight so skipped out on burpees and Drillsandskills WOD. Did a short workout because tailbone hurt when I fell on it yesterday trying to get up ( standing up with the calves was an exercise in frustration ). Calves should be good to go by friday, can jump a bit better today. Still focuses on just doing suppported calf raises and stuff.

Warmed up, short workout in total. Still achy to walk around cause of tailbone. Not going fast tonight.
Couldn't do V-ups so subbed L hang for 2s, pull to tuck lever for 2s.

HSPU on parallettes, leg assisted 17-15-11
DB swing 2x25lb 10-10-9
Modified pullups, feet on block 10-9-9
starting in L
( not really a L hang )
L for 2s, pull to tuck lever 2s 6-5-5

ehh, was fun and something to get sweaty. More of strength work for numbers, assisted. Was really psyched up thoughout day due to reading Coach Rip's quotes.

till tomorrow, that one's gonna be fun! Shouldn't have wore myself out 2nite for ring dips, pistols, and pullups. Was a bit shaky on rings, butt hurt.
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