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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Crashed out Tuesday night after laying back awhile and waking up at 6am. Finally posting workout log. Probably gonna take a nap for a few hours and go look for work in afternoon. Still hobbling around like an idiot. Biking doesn't feel too great either and is slower than norm. Hopefully can be back normally to train either tonight or Saturday.

Was going to workout Tuesday night and rollout calves with iron bar. Roomate gave me some **** about doing splits or BB style. Ehh, **** it, I got nothing else to do tonight or was. Was probably going to do old form work since that would be good activity to move body and then do workout.

DrillsandSkills WOD is

10 HSPU, 10 Burpee PU, 20 V-ups. Sounds fun. Probably will have to do burpee, stand up and climb off chair to pullup and do kipping PU. For 7m. I'll probably just do rounds since I'm not in a gymnastics class for 1-2h before conditioning. Perhaps do typical 1m of statics before workout. Maybe some DB swings or something CF like. Will depend if I can go to training tonight. If not, do form and weapons work and workout.

Damn calves. Still walking like a gimp, slightly better. Can hop as good as a kindergartener but uncomfortable landing. Gastrocnemius is tight but soleus is really tight. Can nearly do full ROM calf raise, though first half is real slow. So, it's a bit better than the support calf raises on monday.

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