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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Monday and calves are all ****ed. A chimp could outwalk me.

However, determined legs were fine for squatting. Not great for jumping so could not make up burpees. Kind of sore when jumping down from bar or support on rings.

Warmed up and did 1 static hold of bunch of gymnastic holds before doing tabata squats. Scored 17, though high was only 18 or 19. So shows I have some endurance, I think. I know eventually my legs can work a lot faster as they seem to move slow though I can't move faster. Squats to the deck.

Determined these were too easy and I should either do weighted or holding the bottom to rest. Was going to do roman chairs in between but decided to try pullups on total gym that was a waste of time. Probably why I scored so high on tabata squats since had that time to recoup. Thought about V-ups as that was common with Rog or leg lifts. Next time I'll do real pullups or V-ups or something. Thought I could watch clock on total gym pullups.

Need a beeping stopwatch or have a big *** clock with seconds hand to watch. Hopefully tacky as hell.

Did 3 sets of the roman chair situps and my legs got more tired holding me up than my abs.

Did a bunch of ring support stuff and played with going wide in support. Arms still tired from HSPU on saturday. Did pushup wrist conditioning exercises and finishing each workout with these and DB wrist stuff.

Didn't seem to able to hold on wall for long tonight. Damn, I really need to be eating more per day with more protein. Will really help energy on some workouts.
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