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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

My current workout equipment is as follows:

2 DB of 25 pounds each.

One power tower for pullups and dips. Got a door pullup thingy that I use as a set for parallettes. Doesn't work great for freestanding PB HS.

I use my friend's exercise bicycle for back extensions and reverse leg lifts and roman chairs.

Made a pair of crappy pvc rings. Roomates will not allow me to hang ropes or rings in workout/spare living room. Support beam would probably not be strong enough unless I went in from the side and would **** off their parent's who own house. I'll buy a set of Sommer's by July or so and go somewhere.

Got a cheap total gym from CL last fall for 30 bucks. Mainly bought it to do shoulder rehab and light ringesque work on off days back then and hoped roomates might use it. Useless for pullups but has a 45 degree PU like a HSPU that is good for a sub to HPSU as it's full ROM. However, doing pullups and pushups this way does not use midline at all. Fun for straight arm pulls and crosses.

Got a PVC bar and use a set of Nunchaku since I can hold them just as wide with tension. Just a random piece of equipment from my MA days.

Got a pair of cross trainers and my old sprint shoes that have spikes. Have a spare bike but I don't intend to ride to condition moreso as a necessity to get to and fro till I have a car ( damn gas ).
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