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Re: The Zone - Cut the fat when trying to shed it?

I have a question that always comes up in discussions about zone diet with my friends. Doesn't undigested fat end up in adipose fat tissue? I did a little research and I found two sources that told me only 5% of fat is absorbed as glyercols, which is transported to wherever it was need as chylomicrons and the rest were deposited into fat tissue. Is there a difference in terms of weight loss between carbohydrates being converted to fat and stored in adipose fat tissue due to high insulin levels or dietary fat being undigested and stored in adipose fat tissue? Thanks.

Also the fat section of this article

claims that satiety through fats is self defeating because fermentation of fats in the stomach causes irritation which causes greater hunger. I don't mean to be an *** and attack the Zone diet, but it's just that these things come up in conversation when talking with my friends (which include a lot of bio, chem, and nutritional science majors). Again, thanks.

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