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Garrett Smith
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For once, I totally agree with Charlie. Are there pigs flying around outside?

Men doing violent things to each other is bad enough (it makes good entertainment for many). Must we go further?

I'm not against women beating the heck out of each other, maybe even making some dough off of it. I just personally don't want to watch it. I judge most men (and the great majority of women) don't want to watch it. No audience, no $$, no professional sport. Watching violence committed against women (even by women who "ask" for it in the ring/cage) leaves me with a sick stomach.

The WNBA can be held up as an example of the public's desire to see women compete in physical-contact sports.
"After peaking in the 1998 season with an average of 10,864 per game,
the league drew an all-time low average of 8,174 in the 2005 season."

Don't think I'm against women's sports, I attend every single home UA GymCats meet! Best $5 entertainment around, a bargain at twice the price.
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