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Catherine Imes
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Hi William,

Pavel's Cert is extremely comprehensive. You cannot go wrong. If you are planning to teach others KB movements, I would recommend that one first. They teach you how to teach the movements and you learn all sorts of troubleshooting techniques. Besides Pavel, the Cert is taught by some very good Senior Instructors like Brett Jones, Steve Maxwell and Steve Cotter.

I'm certified and I've been an assistant instructor at 2 certfications.

Federenko is a World Class GS competitor who is offering a one day certification that is likely to cover snatches and jerks. That will probably be it. There is only so much one person can cover in one day. I've attended one of his 2 day workshops on GS training. I'm attending this cert because well...I'm a GS competitor. I know his cert is a deal because he is offering a set of competition bells. That alone may make it worth it to you, but I still have to recommend Pavel's certification first if you really want to train others.

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