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Re: Burn fat while gaining strength possible?

Originally Posted by Matt Haxmeier View Post
A little bit of love handle isn't really the problem I don't think. At 6'1" and 165 you are primarily under muscled. If you add 20lbs of muscle to your frame you probably wouldn't care that you had a little bit of love handles. Your back and chest would be wider and your belly wouldn't stick out near as much relatively. That's coming from someone who also stores all their fat around the belly.

Trying to do a strength program on a caloric deficit while being 6'1" and 165 is not a great idea. As Wendler puts it, you're trying to serve two masters. I'd add more calories, do a strength program with more hypertrophy and focused around the main lifts. And keep practicing your olympic lifts as skill work. Gain 20lbs and a lot of strength and then reevaluate.

Just my 2 cents.

OP, you are a small dude. don't worry about a little fat. Get big.
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