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Re: Recommendations for (premade) sandbag

I have two "Protocol" bags. Bought them on closeout at Dick's Sporting goods. (I can still find on google). A 50# and a 100# with filler bags. Probably spent $50 total + $15 of pea gravel for fill.
My "50" bag actually weights 55# fully loaded. No idea about the 100, it's really heavy.
Anyway, these things have held up well. I throw them, swing them, slam them, carry them, grab the handles, grab the bag. All sorts of abuse. On hard surfaces and in the mud. They've held up well over the past two or so years. More than my money's worth and can't see the more expensive bag being any better.

I guess to summarize what I'm saying is, much like Michael, don't overlook some of the lesser expensive bags - like the MDUSA one linked. Bags will probably break at some point. I'd rather break 2-3 of these "cheaper" bags over a few years, than break one $150 one.
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