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As a home depot associate I feel the need to let everyone in a on a little secret that seems to suprisingly overlooked in your efforts to build your home gyms.

Are you ready for it? Alright, if you didn't know before, here it is...


That's it. I say this because recently I have sought to construct myself a few new items.

First, I wanted a sandbag and I read the instructions from where he was talking about buying bags of sand for $2.XX. I thought to myself, "That's just silly." I just bought 4 bags of sand for $.52 each, you can always count on there being bags with holes in them, but hardly any of the sand has fallen out!

Second, I am about to build myself an olympic lifting platform. The idea that an olympic lifting platform is expensive, quite frankly, is ludacris. Go to the stacks of plywood, and if they are anything like the stacks of plywood at my Home Depot, there is 95% chance that there will be plenty of plywood for you buy at half price that has busted edges from being hit by the forklift. You don't need perfect edges for an olympic lifting platform.

If you are really strapped for cash, I have pulled perfectly useably pieces of plywood from the garbage at construction sites from the nieghborhood accross the street.

So, don't forget, BUY DAMAGED STUFF.
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