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Re: Crossfit Supplements?

Originally Posted by Jeff Russell View Post
Hey guys. Recently i have been thinking about giving my supplement regiment an overhaul. Below is a list of what i currently use and i am looking for your opinions as to wether or not i should change it or add/subtract from it. I am also on the paleo, so that has to factor in as well.

Pre Workout: (nothing as of right now)
Intra/Post: BSN Amino-X
30 mins prior to post: BSN Syntha6

Fish oil/flaxseed oil pill every meal, and vitamin D in the morning.

Im open to suggestions,


Syntha-6 is one of the "multi-blend" proteins that is loaded with nasty sugars and fats. The blend sucks. I'd drop it in favor of regular whey if you're going to have an intra-post workout shake.

Flax seed, depends what you're taking it for. Flax seed contains ALA which does not convert to EPA at a good rate by any means, so you're better off saving your money or spending it on something else.
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