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Gracilis muscle injury?

I have bad knee to ankle angles and have some pronation in my feet. I used orthotics but still am suseptible to injury and waiting for a new set to come in which may help. My latest injury seems to be my gracilis muscles in both knees which was initiated by back squats. I was doing an insanely low weight (for me) and since I really focus on form, my body's bad biomechanics is the only I answer I have to what caused the injury. I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to strengthen or heal that area. I know weak hammys and abductors usually affect back squats but this gracilis area escapes me. It won't hurt at all, then it is painful doing silly things. I'm missing my oly lifts immensely and am not getting answers by docs. The PT they gave me was for hip work, but those exercises irritated my back and were useless. I'm tempted to tape up my ankles and try to create a new knee/ankle angle, but not sure if that's the answer. Kiensio taping helped a little, but I wasn't doing a heavy workout either.
If anyone has ideas that'd be helpful! I know I'm going to have to do some isolation exercises which isn't condusive to crossfit workouts, but obviously my little gracilis muscles are having to do more work than they should which again, could be to the pronation pullling that muscle harder than it should, or the muscle weakness in the other areas which make it work harder. If it was sore all the time, I'd say it was injured...since it hurts during certain movements, it makes me think that its working harder than it should. Help!!
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