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Uh, Kris?

Seriously, the "search thing" is pretty easy . . . click on the link called "search" at the top of the page. Put in text string you want to learn more about. Read the results.

The search funcion at the top of this page will search only the message boards. There's also a Google-powered search function on the home page of CrossFit that will search ALL of CrossFit (including the WODs, and the comments on them).

But, I agree, if you just put "Tabata" into either of those, you'd get so many references you'd likely be a bit overwhelmed.

So, briefly: the "Tabata" protocol is simply a prescription of an exercise sequence; specifically 20 seconds of work + 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. The 20 seconds of work should be done as furiously, all out effort as possible . . . MAX effort, every time. You should be as close to exhaustion as possible at the end.

You can apply the Tabata protocol to (almost) any movement, although some work better than others. (Generally, big movements with lots of muscle mass involved work best.) Squats work great, so do thrusters. Squat thrusts work OK, although they don't seem to work that well for me. Rowing intervals on the C2 work great.

Tabatas are named after a Japanese exercise physiologist who studied different exercise work/rest intervals and concluded that this sequence (20 on / 10 off) was just about the most effective. He originally applied it to the Japanese Olympic speed skaters.

You can read more in lots of various threads, including this one:

The post by Jon Barba is particularly illuminating . .
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