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Welcome. Ref to your Zone question, if you can, buy that article from the CrossFit store. It's not expensive and is a great reference. It is issue #21 in May 2004. Invaluable.

Next, go to and sign up (free) and complete the male body fat calculator. It is dead on, and will tell you exactly how many blocks per day (of each macronutrient) you should eat. Be honest about your activity level.

In a nut shell: For ease and simplicity, only eat stuff from the favorable list (CrossFit article pg#3). Stay away from pg 4 unless it's your cheat day. IMO.
1. a little err on the favorable list won't break you. an err on the other side could cause you to not be in the Zone, which is bad
2. you get more food when on the favorable list (ex. bad list: 3 tbsp rice= 1 block; "good" list: 1/2 honeydew melon= 1 block) I rather eat more.

It only gets "tricky" if you want something not on the block list, but that's another discussion.
Keep it simple at first, it's easier. You'll lose weight and have good performance levels.
Cheat once a week for sanity. Do not lower the fat blocks, that will hurt you.

Lots of info, sorry for the super long post.
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