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Bill Ennis
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Re: WOD Substitutions/Template Adherence

Thank you all for your responses.
Steven- I agree that I need to rest the elbow. I'm looking for a non-elbow involved WOD that stays with that days template , e.g. G/W/M. I don't know how important this is , just wondering. For example , if the WOD seems like a G day (weighted pullups) , should I look for another G WOD that doesn't involve pullups ? Or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill. In my case , I did a rowing/wall ball WOD because I don't get to row very much and it's fun (and hard).
I guess the possible danger in thoughtlessly subbing a WOD would be that you would tend toward something that you're already strong in and not work on you weaknesses.
Bill- Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look for an IASTM practitioner in my area.
Thanks again for everyone's help.
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