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WOD Substitutions/Template Adherence

I have a question for everyone regarding WOD substitutions. I've been doing crossfit for about 8 months and currently have a nagging case of golfers elbow. I've been resting it and avoiding almost all pullups which aggravated it in the first place. Then we have a WOD like yesterday-weighted pullups. What I've done in the past if I needed to sub a WOD is just look for one that I like ; for example one with rowing. Yet I read the 2/03 Crossfit Journal about WOD templates and thought maybe I should try and stick closer to the template.
For example , weighted pullups looks like a pure gymnastics day (G) ; maybe also W for weightlifting . So , if I want to sub should I look for a WOD that looks like it matches it- a pure G day ?/ or a GW day depending on how you view it ?
Or am I making too big of a deal out of it ?
Any thoughts/ comments are appreciated.
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