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Re: Another rugby question

CFFB wouldn't be bad, but you'd probably benefit from adding a little more cardiovascular work to reflect the fact that rugby doesn't give you 30 seconds to recover between plays. Rugby's conditioning needs are much more jog-sprint-jog-sprint for 30+ minutes, more similar to what you'd need for soccer or basketball than football.

I also like GSLP and 5/3/1 with 2-3x per week conditioning....simple stuff along the lines of hill sprints, sandbag work, and sled pushes will do the job just fine.

If you're in really bad shape right now you'll need to start slow. Find a 400m track and do 4-6 laps where you sprint the straightaways and jog the curves, then gradually increase either the number of laps or the ratio of work to rest.
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