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Re: Thoughts on "Forks over knives" Documentary and "The China Study"

Yum, eggs. I support my training with 6-8 unborn souls a day!

But seriously I think that legit animal farmers aren't doing much the rest of the natural isn't doing worse i.e. lion chasing down and animal and ripping it's throat out then gutting it as it breathes it's final breath. I do not support corporate industrial farming, but I do think man kind has thrived due to our ability to eat legumes, grains, animals, veggies etc. Farmers that hose down their soil with industrial chemicals are no more superior to ones that slaughter their confined animals wholesale. Thinking you are saving the world by eating grain instead of another being is foolish. Eating animals is a part of human biology and something we are going to do in the natural world if we still hunted and gathered / weren't exposed to conditions we are forced to bear witness to and let our emotions get in the way of sound decision making. *exits soap box*

Hooray for bacon!
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