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Re: Thoughts on "Forks over knives" Documentary and "The China Study"

Originally Posted by Sheldon Kreger View Post
I'm a vegetarian CF'r.

For protein, I have been eating a lot of ...whey powder.

I am lactose intolerant and don't eat dairy products for ethical reasons anyway. However, adding the whey protein has helped me substantially, so I've kept it (they make low lactose whey products). I would like to phase this out eventually, but I don't have a good alternative for now.

Dinner is either pasta with lots of butter or eggs with lots of butter. Also, steamed vegetables with lots of butter.

No offense but this post perfectly illustrates the logical inconsistencies of a vegetarian diet.

Many vegetarians start with the "ethical reasons" premise. Take dairy for instance, although you admit you take whey and eat butter you say you don't eat dairy for ethical reasons. The logic flows that the forced pregnancy and industrial treatment of the dairy cow is unethical and therefore you oppose eating dairy on ethical grounds. But the logic assumes that the only dairy available is produced by industrial means and that is simply not true.

Would you or do you have the same objections to dairy produced with pastured cows in a natural reproductive state? If so, why?

As with most instances with the vegan or vegetarian argument, I don't disagree with the premise, I just disagree with the conclusion. If you want to protest the industrialization of the food supply and the unethical treatment of animals, then I agree, don't consume those products. But what is wrong with those not produced by those methods and the animals who are treated with care?

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