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Re: Thoughts on "Forks over knives" Documentary and "The China Study"

Due to your interest in nutrition, I think its important you read the book, period. I think his studies with rats was very interesting. I love his attempt at a large scale data collection regarding the chinese diet & nutrition (on cover = most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted). And the book ends off speaking of the politics involved with his own medical profession. I feel all 3 sections have some 'meat' worth reading. By the end of the book, you might be tired of hearing "plant-based diet cure everything", but hey, the guy believes and is passionate.

Its wise to question everything. Probably not that wise to think there's one diet that will clear us from all diseases. Hence, "im a vegetarian who only eats fish", or "Im paleo but I do dairy". Also, how cool is it that Campbell provides the sources and the data, so Denise can analyze it herself, regardless of opposite conclusions.

Remember, you are asking a meat lovers forum about a vegetarian sided book, so guess what most responses will be like? What responses would you get if you were on a vegetarian forum? Campbell and Ornish have had great success helping patients turn around disease thur these plant based diets. So Campbell pushes whole grains & beans over the animal meat (vice versa for paleo). Whats in common is "no processed crap"...but then again, many live to their 90's smokin n drinkin n being merry, whatever. Thanks for the links above yall...
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