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Thoughts on "Forks over knives" Documentary and "The China Study"

So I just watched the Forks Over Knives documentary, which is party based on the China Study book. I have not read the China Study in full, but have read through parts, and will read through it cover to cover once I have a little more time. I am not Paleo at the time, but eat a healthy zone diet (I might give Paleo a try a little down the road). So I have always been really interested in the field of nutrition and am constantly researching new studies and information on the topic. So I must say that the documentary does have a lot of good info and really gets one thinking, but like anything out there I think the way the data is interpreted needs to be "taken with a grain of salt." So with that I am curious as to what others think of the documentary if you have seen it and or The China Study?
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