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Re: Westside etc. - please read

Originally Posted by Mauricio Leal View Post
This may be antithetical to the Conjugate Method, but how about an actual calendar month (or 2?) with reasonable choices already made with respect to lifts, assistance, DE and band tension percentages, etc. Maybe leave some blank spaces for actual weights/numbers used. Ideally fits on one, maybe two printable pages. I might take a stab at this in excel when I have more time this week. I may even go so far as to program WODs, or perhaps provide a fairly broad stable of WODs to choose from, although that's not your specialty I know. Even if it's not individualized, it would at least take out the guess work for the Cavemen at large, get more people taking the dive, and those that know better can always modify the program for themselves/others.
I can put something together on google docs. I can just take the template from my blog and put a schedule together. Not that hard to do.
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