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Re: Westside etc. - please read

Originally Posted by Michael Dowling View Post
a little, but when it says dynamic upper body etc... that is really meaningless to someone ignorant of westside in general. basically people want to be spoon fed these programs so they know they're doing them right.
Chris does this in his Conjugate Crossfit article, but I think a way of expanding on it would be to have a menu of sorts to provide a template. As a quick example, say we decide that Monday is ME lower body. The entry would look something like this:

Choose one exercise for your ME lift:

ME Lower Body Options:
Free squat
Box Squat (+/- bands)
DL/Sumo DL (+/- bands)
Good Morning

Now choose 2-4 of the following exercises for assistance work based on your [perceived] weaknesses (note - rep schemes would have to be included):

banded hamstring curls

Glute Bridges

Now choose 1-2 of the following exercises for core work:
strict T2B
ab wheel rollouts

Once the menu and rep schemes are in place, the ME days are really easy. The only slightly tougher part is the weight percentage (and possibly band tension) scheme for DE days, but that could be defined as well (note to Chris: I only say it's tougher because it seems to be defined differently by different people who do Westside).

If there was a large enough list of easy to do assistance exercises, I think something like this could be maybe 2-3 pages long and be a pretty effective Cliff's notes on a Westside Template.

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