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Re: Final games thoughts

Originally Posted by Matthew Swartz View Post

These events might have been a good test of fitness, but they paled in comparison to the previous years competitions. Two minutes to hit a ME lift versus a long *** ladder where guys are having to scream to get themselves ready for the next lift?

The first event was a cool opener, rope/c&j was cool, the monkey bars were fun to watch, and the last event was a decent chipper, but if you want to test guys' skills, test them in a workout that is fun to watch. Those were very boring to watch.
The only cool skills event was the handstand walk. I wouldn't really consider farmer's walks a skill either... cool event but, not a skill.

The stationary bike was the thing I hated the most about this Games. Biking does not prove anything that swimming and running cannot. Also, since when has CFHQ condoned the use of machines like bikes. Rowing is a little different and makes sense. Bikes.... what the H.

The Games were great this year, I think it will be the spark that gets the Games actually recognized as legitimate (maybe not for finding the Fittest Man in the World) but it was interesting enough to where people would watch them again.

Other than the biking and the lack of a really cool strength event, I really enjoyed the Games. Oh, and the MC.... ridiculous. Let's switch that guy out next year...

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