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Re: Final games thoughts

Originally Posted by Ryan Jones View Post
I can't believe noone mentioned those retarded watt bikes. That was by far the worst part of the games, it was like everything stopped and a lazy spin class started. If you're going to put people on bikes, put them on real bikes and make them bike through a course. People were joking that next year they'd be on Reebok Ellipticals.

I thought it was cheap the way they wiped out the scores for the team competition going into the last event, and then it was kinda boring to watch considering only one girl out of the 18 there could do dips, which was in the first workout, which means CFNE was the clear winner 3 minutes in (though they killed most of the rest of the workouts too).

Yeah, Miranda seemed at a loss when interviewing people.

I liked the big announcer dude, he was way better than Dave Castro, even if he wasn't perfect.

I liked how the team event finals was 6 classic girl wods. Similarly I liked how the men's final was like a filthy fifty remix. I don't know why people are giving it grief. Though nothing will ever compare to the finals Khalipa won where they had every event timed and staggered the final start based on that and whoever finished first was the overall winner. That was the most entertaining format by far and I hope they do that again some time.

Spealler pushing the sled was awesome.

Barber destroying the sled push was awesome, and allt he more surprising since he was dead last, by a mile, in the 6 minute version.

Spealler getting screwed by his size once again saddens me. I'd like to see him put on 10-20 lbs of muscle this year and finally win this thing next year.

It was an amazing surprise to see Annie S. not only competing but kicking ***. It was also pretty cool to see that the two most ripped girls were the two 35 y.o. mothers of 2 and 3 (the other being the awesome Angie Pye).

Overall the games were awesome, had a great time, even got to meet Coach when he crashed our box and at his prompting complained about the food choices, heh.

These events might have been a good test of fitness, but they paled in comparison to the previous years competitions. Two minutes to hit a ME lift versus a long *** ladder where guys are having to scream to get themselves ready for the next lift?

The first event was a cool opener, rope/c&j was cool, the monkey bars were fun to watch, and the last event was a decent chipper, but if you want to test guys' skills, test them in a workout that is fun to watch. Those were very boring to watch.
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