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Re: CF Moms - Labor & delivery/birthing experiences?

Originally Posted by Kristie Willhoit View Post
But I'm already 50% effaced (I'll be 37 weeks Tuesday), so things *seem* to be ticking along as needed!

I'll be "full-term" this Tuesday, May 17th, and my official due date is June 7th. Almost there!
I have a maternity shoot in a week and a half;

You may not make it that long!

I did just learn that my mom had quick deliveries for my older sister and brother; hopefully there's a correlation between mom/daughter L&Ds!

Seeing as how my Mom almost had my sister in an elevator at the hospital and my sisters and my deliveries went pretty quick once active labor began, I'd say "it runs in the family"

Yeah, makes total sen- wait, what? Lol. You mean, like, excruciatingly painful, but worth it? Or, yeah, it hurts like hell, but you know it will be over soon so it's easy to suck it up?

Exactly! :-D

My husband and I were just debating at our appointment Thursday how long to wait before heading the the hospital (assuming we're at home). Doc recommends waiting until the contractions are 5 min apart for an hour, but we live 25 minutes from the hospital so we're curious about timing...

I'd as your mom again, how long it took for her deliveries. I know for me as soon as my water broke it went quick. For my sisters, it took a little longer after their water broke, but once they felt the urge to push it took less than half an hour.[/quote]

I'm excited for you! I'll be looking for updates here soon!
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