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Re: CF Moms - Labor & delivery/birthing experiences?

Originally Posted by Veronica Carpenter View Post
No pitocin. Find a doc that will respect your wishes. What is the medical reason for using pitocin when stripping?
I don't believe she would be opposed to my wishes. That is just her "usual" plan in the case that I haven't gone into labor on my own by 41 weeks. She seems very open to patient wishes, from allowing me to schedule an induction at 39 weeks if I wanted, to waiting 2 weeks (maybe a little more if I insisted) past my due date to go naturally if needed. But I'm already 50% effaced (I'll be 37 weeks Tuesday), so things *seem* to be ticking along as needed!

Originally Posted by Veronica Carpenter View Post
Stress over and over that this is what you want and that women have done it for centuries. I asked a couple times. He kept asking me "are you sure? You said you didn't want anything." After a while he did give in, but the doc said it was too late. I'm glad he stuck it out with me.
I used the "women have been doing this w/out medical intervention for 1000s of years" argument the other day...followed up with "you don't even like to LOOK at a needle and you want me to let them put one in my spinal column?!?" Lol It's hard to counter his "I just don't want to see you in pain" but I'm getting the impression that he's going to see that regardless!

Originally Posted by Veronica Carpenter View Post
When are you due again?
I'll be "full-term" this Tuesday, May 17th, and my official due date is June 7th. Almost there!
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