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Re: CF Moms - Labor & delivery/birthing experiences?

Originally Posted by Kristie Willhoit View Post
Hell, after hearing about your 4 successful, medication-free deliveries, I want you as MY doula, haha! What an amazing experience to share with your sister!
Aww shucks. And yes it was a very rewarding experience. I had actually planned on flying in a week b4 and staying a week after her due date. I had calculated her due date to be about a week early than what her first MD told her and we went by that date. She later called and said she had a feeling Peyton would come early. She stopped pre-natal yoga and her walks on the beach (she lives on Maui) a week before I came out. The day I was to arrive, she decided it would be ok to take a walk. I arrived around 4pm, her water broke at 7ish, right after her midwife called to see how she was doing and if I had arrived safely. I had a very action packed day 1st day and I had so much more time to spend afterward with my new niece and help my sister get through those first weeks of the "OMG, how am I going to do this" phase of first time mom's.
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