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Re: CF Moms - Labor & delivery/birthing experiences?

Originally Posted by Kristie Willhoit View Post
I stand corrected! I just commented I hadn't yet spoken to anyone who had pitocin and made it through without and epidural. Maybe it's because it was such a short time. Other stories I have heard detailed hours of pitocin-induced contractions.

Oops, should have read all the replies before replying

Did you have pitocin for this one? I asked my doc about inducing by stripping the bag and she said she usually uses pitocin and stripping.

No pitocin. Find a doc that will respect your wishes. What is the medical reason for using pitocin when stripping?

I will have to be sure to ask my husband to remind me of the same thing! But he is already a bit leery of a medication-free delivery - he just doesn't want to see me in pain, so I wonder if he would have the resolve to help my stick by my wish.

Stress over and over that this is what you want and that women have done it for centuries. I asked a couple times. He kept asking me "are you sure? You said you didn't want anything." After a while he did give in, but the doc said it was too late. I'm glad he stuck it out with me.

I briefly considered a water birth, but I think that would have been a bit much for my family...and I was a little sketchy about it myself, lol. Maybe next time!

This was so so relaxing. It takes so much stress off your low back. Almost too relaxing. I think my contractions eased up a bit when I first got in the tub, but pushing was much easier. Thank goodness because she was big enough!

It took 3 times popping myself in the belly with the barbell for me to finally give them up. Lol! Switched to dumbbells for as long as I could, but about a month ago the O-lifts had to go; they were just too straining on my SI joints (I have issues from multiple past injuries). I still do skill work with the PVC pipe and occasionally some lightweight hang power cleans/hang power snatches.

I have awesome squat ROM right now, lol! But add any weight and I feel like my pubic bones are going to tear apart!

Exactly how mine felt!

Absolutely! Thank you so much!!
You are very welcome and best of luck! When are you due again?
If it's sore - ice it. If it's torn - tape it. If it's heavy - lift it!
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