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Random slow recovery

Twice in the past three weeks I've experienced two bouts of slow recovery. Once while doing Helen and most recently while doing Hammer. Both times i was sweating heavier than normal, felt like my heart was working harder and couldn't get my breathing under control.

I have workout induced asthma and allergies, if I control my allergies I usually don't feel the asthma. Both times I wasn't experiencing any allergy symptoms and my asthma symptoms are generally the feeling of a tight chest/small lungs, which isn't the case during these episodes.

With these incidents of slow recovery I'm able to breath deep but it seems that I just can't get my heart rate down. After Helen, I was breathing heavy for close to 10 min after.

Diet is mostly clean foods and I've been getting at least 8 hours of sleep. I 5/3/1 squats,
presses, dead lifts with short met cons after and try to hit 2-3 longer metcons a week.

Any ideas what I'm experiencing?

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