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Re: TUF 13 - Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos

Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
Perhaps... and as a wrestler (way back in the day) I am a fan of wrestling.

However, wrestling is a pretty small component of MMA --
I find that to be a pretty interesting comment, I mean if you look at all the current MMA Champs in the UFC

155- Frankie Edgar/Gray maynard- wreslters
170- GSP- Amazing Wrestling
185- Horrible Wrestler
205- Shogun- Decent wrestler
Heavyweight- Cain- Wrestler

Then if you look at who would give shogun and anderson fits, it would be a good wrestler, So I would say wrestling is a pretty big component of MMA, and in my opinion the best base for fighters starting out.
That being said, I never understand why they dont have fights in the same weight class as the coaches on TUF.
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