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Fit by 40

I spent 12+ years so fat and out of shape I could hardly walk or keep up with my kids. I had hit a "rock bottom moment" at Sea World when I almost rented an electric skooter to get around. I have a condition called PCOS and was told I would be fat and I would have to live with it. But I got the nerve to go the a local globo gym 21 months ago and met my trainer Mando there. He is CrossFit certified and did these workouts with me that I thought were crazy, but I went along with it. I didn't know what CrossFit was. He was just feeding it to me in little easy to swallow amounts. When he opened his own CF affiliate in March this year I left the gym and went with him. I can't believe how far I've come. My mantra has been, "Fit by 40!" In January I will be turning 40. To date I have lost 82 pounds (trying to get to 100lbs lost.) I can't believe some of the things I can do. I hold many of the records at our box for highest one rep max in weightlifting on the board for woman. I'm just a stay-at-home-mom with 2 young kids, is this normal? For me it is. The Paleo diet and CrossFit was exactly what my messed up endocrine system needed. My Dr. Can't believe it! So I am still struggling with the last 20 pounds but it's going to be fun trying to get it off! Thanks CrossFit! I don't know how to put up before and after pictures so here is the link to my blog. See for yourself!
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