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Re: Carb Loading Pre-workout

If your only goal is to gain weight...forget what i said and eat whenever/whatever you can...Carbo loading is a term used by endurence athletes that gorge themselves on pasta and other carbs the night before a race... then dont eat anything race morning so they are "light". While I belive this can be done in a paleo way, and with constant not running mega marathons (and im getting off topic) to each his own, However I am familer to strength and size gains and you are right you need to eat, eat, eat and then sleep, sleep, sleep as much as your life will allow. This dosent have to be crap but high calories none the less try adding olive/coconut oil to like everything...its any easy way to throw in some cals. Before a workout 3-4 hours out a meal would be good high in protien and moderate in fat carbs are fine but not needed. Post workout (within an hour) Im a believer in the 2-1 ration of carbs to pro . Experiment for yourself...Remember to get heavy (in a good way) Lift heavy, and eat heavy ( alot of clean food).
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