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Re: Carb Loading Pre-workout

Good info guys and sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this thread.

William, Brent & Brent - typically I take in 25/35/20 ((p/c/f) whey + coconut oil + raisins) immediately post-workout, followed by a full meal an hour later; I am going to play with this a bit and bump that meal closer in to the workout, maybe workout +30min.

Adam - I can't hit it first thing in the morning and even moreso on an empty stomach; I tried it twice, I almost died(or at least felt like it).

Chris - I am trying to pump a few more calories in, hopefully get a bit more "OOMF" in my lifts, and not walkout of the gym with my belt a notch tighter than when I walked in as normal.

Again, thanks for the info and moving forward I think I will just stick with my handful of raisins pre-workout and bumping that 2nd shot post-workout a bit closer in, as I was very pleasantly surprised to find I have added 5# after 2 weeks on SS (I am doing plain old SS, not hybrid).
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