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Re: Carb Loading Pre-workout

Are you on SS alone? Or are you on an SS/CF hybrid? If you're just doing SS alone, carb-loading is completely unnecessary. Carb-loading is typically done for aerobically demanding exercises and it's typically used in sports such bicycling, long distance running, etc. You can carb-load for CF, but like Will said, you do it after an instance of aerobic exercise (not anaerobic lifting). As you exercise for over 30min, you utilize a fair amount of your glycogen stores. If you take in a fair amount of simple carbs post-workout, your liver and muscle glycogen will be restored plus some. It's not quite the same with lifting, although you want to get both carbs and protein in your diet within an hour of finishing your workout. A 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein might be a bit extreme, but something around that would work just fine for maximizing protein synthesis and recovery.
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