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Re: 20+ Round Cindy

Originally Posted by Arturo Garcia View Post
I did Cindy for the first time last night, at least a true Cindy at least. I had done it a few times but with strict chin-ups, and would always get around 10 rounds. Since just recently I installed my PU bar just now I'm doing kipping PU's... and last night was totally different. The pull-ups were all straight through and actually quite easy in sets of 5!! Muscular endurance wasn't a factor there. The push-ups sucked, I only got 10 straight in the first two rounds, my endurance on them is SUCKING, 5 push-ups felt tougher than 5 kipping pull-ups. The squats unbroken. I managed 14 rounds in 20:12 ... I was so out of breath, wow, I love the feeling now (hated it yesterday). I cannot wait to post a testimonial of a 20 round Cindy. Congrats to anyone who can do it!!
I'm with ya there, buddy. I went from 13 rounds to 16 time. Can't wait to hit the 20, either.

Mad props to the OP.
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