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Re: any free workouts?

Hey Vladimir - just jumping in here but I think I know where you're coming from - I'm a newbie here too, been lurking for about a month and reading everything I can find. (I'm just a regular person exercising for health -- I've lifted/worked out/taking classes/done videos, etc for about 10 years - losing 65#s in the process.) At first, I was looking for the same thing you were -- a detailed schedule because that's what I was used to seeing from "programs".

Instead, I've found that if I just wait for the WOD, these guys are really, really good at developing broad-based fitness -- including cardiovascular health.

Even the "strength" training WOD's are intense enough to have your heart working nicely - and sometimes downright hard. I bet if you commit to following the program as they advise, your doc will be pleased with the results Maybe schedule some 6-week BP test to ensure your progress as you try this new approach...

Good luck! JMHO... Becky
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