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Re: any free workouts?

#1 - CrossFit IS cardio! Don't believe me? Go ahead and do 10 minutes of "Cindy":

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
- 5 pullups (or body rows on rings - which can be made in about an hour for $15-$25)
- 10 pushups
- 15 squats

Let us know how you did and how you felt.

#2 - Head over to ************* (W/F/S) and READ READ READ! Then read some more. NUTRITION is, most likely, the primary cause for your HBP. Fix your nutrition, throw in some CrossFit, and you'll fix your BP issues.

#3 The links to the "routines" that Eric posted earlier are LISTS of countless bodyweight WODs (Workouts of the Day) that incorporate CrossFit principals. Start at the top of the list, and work your way down. Or randomly pick them from the list. Doesn't matter. When you get through all of them, start over. Don't repeat the WODs you like, repeat the ones you hate.

#4 Read What is Fitness (W/F/S), the FAQ, and Start Here. Come back here with all of your questions. We'll answer every single one. But you have to show the initiative that you're willing to help yourself by getting educated on the topic.

- Alex
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