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Re: Recommended barbell in Australia

Currently saving for a Pendlay bar from the Australian K/bell website - $550 for the bar and i think $34 for shipping from Melb to Adelaide. I think they're available from early December - come on Christmas!

Here is the link (WFS)

This is the bushing class bar, they have the one with needle bearings, too, but it's just a touch out of my price range. The bar looks really nice, specifically made for weightlifting with moderate whip, not some 32mm stiff-as powerlifting bar.

Was looking into the bars avail. from Maxim (conveniently located here in Adelaide) but i've got to say the Pendlay looks like a better option. It's a well known US brand and from the sounds of things the quality is better at a cheaper price than what i would get from Maxim - even with the little bit extra for shipping. I am on a pretty tight budget and with making such a big purchase i really want to make every penny count and make sure i'm getting the absolute best for my coin.

As far as bumpers go, i'm still undecided.
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