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Re: CrossFit and/vs Yoga

Thanks for the post Damien, I have been wondering about the potential benefits of Yoga and flexibility as it pertains to Crossfit. I have been doing Crossfit 5-6x/wk for about 8 months now and only within the last 2 months have I really felt the negative effects of my inflexibility. I am always cramping, constantly mildly sore after a good workout, joints are VERY sore, and always tight and achey in the morning getting out of bed.

My affiliate gym does not focus on stretching as part of the daily routine. They will have you stretch the first few times you come, but when your on your own, it's never spoke of again.

After doing a lot of thinking, researching, and observing (a few friends are 75% yoga 25% resistance training), I would have to whole-heartedly agree with Larry in that the improved flexibility is allowing your muscles to be used much more efficiently, therefore bringing out their true strength. Yes, even deadlift.

This is a very touchy and theory-involved subject, and I believe that the only way we can come to an agreement is to study more testimonials like yours. I believe that it is not necessarily "yoga" complimenting crossfit, but the new found flexibility that it the practice brings.

As soon as I heal from my inflexibility injury, I will start yoga 3-4x/wk. I'll keep you posted.

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